Toxins to Avoid

1. DAIRY PRODUCTS – pesticide, antibiotic, and hormone residues make milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc. a serious hazard to your health. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and chronic infections are the result of regular dairy intake. See Twenty Reasons for Zero Dairy. Note: COW, GOAT AND SHEEP MILK ALL CONTAIN VIRUSES AND HORMONES INCOMPATIBLE WITH HUMAN HEALTH. ORGANIC AND/OR RAW DAIRY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


2. SILVER-MERCURY DENTAL FILLINGS – mercury can cause damage to the brain, kidneys, and immune system, and is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic respiratory and digestive problems, kidney disease, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Demand gold or non-toxic composite materials from your dentist.


3. SPIRULINA and BLUE GREEN ALGAE – algae products, and anything made with them contain a cocaine like neurotoxin. Check the label of any vitamin or mineral supplement to make sure there is no algae present.


4. GLANDULARS – thymus, ovary, and adrenal extracts may be contaminated with pesticides, and can cause endocrine imbalance.


5. AMINO ACIDS – the chemical processing of these supplements leaves behind toxic chemical residues that can be damaging to the brain and kidneys.


6. KOMBUCHA TEA or MANCHURIAN MUSHROOM – this is not a mushroom, but a colony of bacteria and yeast. We have seen many people get sick from this, including skin rashes and high blood pressure.


7. ESSIAC TEA – this folk remedy for cancer contains rhubarb root, which has an estrogen like effect, and is a powerful laxative.


8. SHARK CARTILAGE – our experience indicates this can increase tumor growth and suppress the immune system in certain patients.


9. MAHUANG or EPHEDRA containing weight loss products can exhaust the pituitary, adrenals, and immune system. Daily exercise and good food is the only safe way to lose weight.


10. COLLOIDAL SILVER – according to Dorland’s dictionary of medicine, colloidal silver has been responsible for many cases of argyria, or silver poisoning. We have seen several patients suffer severe side effects from use of this product.


11. COLLOIDAL MINERALS – we have seen hepatitis related to arsenic and cadmium toxicity from a colloidal mineral supplement, and all samples tested to date show significant heavy metal toxicity.


12. MSM – this sulfur compound has caused aggravation of autoimmune disease in several patients, and appears to increase growth of certain bacterial infections.


13. HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES – made from sugar pills or alcohol, these drugs can aggravate yeast and bacterial infections.


14. HIGH POTENCY VITAMINS – megadose vitamins can cause toxic effects on the nervous system and immune system.

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